Our Services

Core Investments supports clients during the entire real estate investment process, ensuring feasibility and profitability throughout the whole value chain.

We are experts in identifying real-estate opportunities with high potential to maximize investments, through the rehabilitation of prime buildings in the Portuguese market.


Following the procurement cycle, we are constantly screening the market in order to identify the best real estate deals. Matching opportunities to our client’s needs and interests. Our market analysis allows investors to understand the market situation in terms of its attractiveness.

Business Planning

We are permanently analyzing market size, future trends, growth and profitability rates. Based on these data, we develop for each investment a feasibility study, presenting its cost structure together with a sales forecast sensitive analysis.

Presentation to the right distribution channels is the key success factor complementing our project planning.

Applying this methodology and using a specific business model for each project, our investors are fully aware of why and when they should invest.

Negotiation & Acquisition

We have developed specific expertise on the Portuguese Real Estate Market prices, which allow us to successfully lead negotiations and support our investors in order to maximize profitability.

Design and Licensing

Tender design selection is made through a wide range of specialized team of architects and engineers who enable us to develop the most adequate concept and design for each building.

We also coordinate all the planning, design and engineering projects that must be approved by the relevant legal authorities. We undertake licensing tracking and update our investors during each phase to guarantee deadlines are meet and that the delivery date will not suffer any delays.

Construction Supervision

As well as the design, construction is also subject to a tender contractor selection, risk management and a tight financial control.

We offer professional supervision to ensure that the construction and rehabilitation works are executed with a high-level of quality matching all the project requirements.

Our construction site supervision services are complemented by quality control services, which guaranties that all the materials, equipments and systems are in accordance with the contract.

Our supervision also ensures that the delivery date is fulfilled.

Marketing and Sales

For a successful sale, we develop marketing and sales strategies to attract the target clients.

Possessing a brokerage license, Core Investments has a well-established and well-developed national and international business partners network witch give us access to a wide range of clients worldwide.

Portfolio Management

Our Asset Management services includes strategic, technical, legal and financial analysis of portfolio assets, as well as the development of a portfolio dossier identifying opportunities for sale, lease or investment.

Complementary we also support our clients on the evaluation and negotiation of ongoing lease contracts and the implementation of the best strategy for each portfolio.